Getting Married in Vegas is highly romanticized and joked about sometimes. If we all remember Rachel and Ross’s mistaken wedding that happened in Vegas. You must be thinking is it that easy to get married in Vegas? Well as the Vegas wedding officiant Reverend Arnold Gracia says;

“One of the many reasons Las Vegas is an appealing destination to tie the knot is how easy it really is.”

You can get married on the same day because there is no waiting period. A marriage license from the Clark County Marriage License Bureau is required for every legal ceremony.

For your protection, the County Clerk is currently requesting that all couples planning to marry in Las Vegas begin by pre-registering for their marriage license on their website. After that, it’s just a brief trip to the bureau (201 E Clark Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101), and you can legally marry anyplace with a certified officiant with that license in hand.


Though many venues will accommodate you without a reservation for your wedding, it is best to make your wedding ceremony bookings before you arrive in Vegas.

“The more you plan ahead, the less stress you’ll experience on your special day, particularly if you’re planning to get married around a holiday or special event.”

Prior research will aid you in locating specialized planners such as Vegas for my wedding, which offers all-inclusive, best deals, and fantastic packages such as helicopter elopements above the Grand Canyon at the 7 Magic Mountains.

The Mob Museum’s Corporate and Social Event Curator, Rodney Antonio Arnett, points out that hotel and transportation prices are higher during conventions, concerts, and other major events in Las Vegas.

“You could save a good amount of money by moving your wedding date up or down a weekend and then you can use that money for your honeymoon.”


We all how costly weddings can get, sometimes there is no limit to the budget. Young couples start saving up for marriages and even that limit is crossed sometime. So it is better to plan ahead and do your research for the destination, food, and other amenities. When it comes to saving money, Arnett recommends that couples ask for all prices up front, especially with hotel accommodations. “Resort and parking costs can quickly add up to a significant portion of your weekend budget for you and your guests.” He also says that reserving a hotel close to your wedding venue can help you avoid the stress of getting stranded in traffic on the busy strip.


Las Vegas is simply the best place to get married in the U.S. in terms of easiness and quickness. Couples do not need to wait for blood tests, and there is no necessary waiting time between the possession of a marriage license and having the wedding.

There are just a couple of steps that the wedding couple has to follow:

Step 1: Check for your Eligibility to Get Married in Vegas:

The about-to-be married couple needs to meet the following requirements;

Age: There is no age bracket for the couple to get married, the only necessary thing regarding age is that they both need to be 18 or older to make this decision.

Consanguinity: This is a necessary criterion that the kinship between the couple should strictly not be any nearer than second cousins, other they will have to face legal charges for incest.

Singleness: In order to avoid Bigamy Charges, both the members have to be single, no living husband or wife should be alive at the time of their new marriage.

However, one thing that is quite relieving is that the couple does not necessarily have to be Nevada residents or so in order to get married.

Step 2: Application for a Marriage License should go to the Clark County:

It is always better if you register in advance for your marriage license at Clark County (the registration could be done 60 days prior to the wedding). However, even if you do not pre-register due to whatever reason you will still face no difficulty in getting married. The couple can simply show up at the Las Vegas Marriage Bureau and register for their marriage since there is no prior waiting time in the whole process of submitting the application and receiving the license. But pre-registering for your wedding will always save you the cost of registering in the last minute.

One important thing to remember is that the couple should use their legal name as written on their Government-Issued IDs.

Step 3: Receive your License:

The couple needs to go to the Las Vegas Marriage License Bureau themselves within 60 days of pre-registering for a marriage license so they can pick up their license in person. The wait to receive your license takes only a few minutes if there is no line which is unlikely.

And for couples who do not pre-register also need to visit the Bureau in person, they then need to fill out the form and submit the license application before they can receive their license. But doing it prior 60 days would be less stressful and the waiting line will be shorter along with the fee. To avoid the inconvenience it is better to pre-register for your marriage license beforehand.

The Marriage License Bureau opens daily from 8 a.m. to midnight, the same timings apply to holidays and weekends as well. There is no need to make an appointment for the license. But in order to pick up the marriage license, both persons should be present to pick up the license. And in order to retrieve the license, the couple must present valid IDs which can include (a driver’s license, Passport, or Nationality Card).

The marriage license costs $102 or more, the amount can be paid with either Cash or a Credit Card.


married in vegas After receiving the marriage license, the couple has one year from the date of receiving.

To get married; The couple will require one witness to the wedding ceremony, The couple will recite their own vows. And after you are officially married, the officiant has ten days to file the wedding paperwork (the sooner the better).

In order for the marriage to be legitimate, the officiant must possess a ‘Certificate of Permission to Perform Marriages’ which is only issued by a County Clerk from the State of Nevada. You will find such officiants in most Chapels who are authorized to perform marriages in Las Vegas.

Step 5: Get a Certified Copy of your Marriage Certificate:

It is a crucial step; to get a certified copy of your marriage certificate for various reasons. For filing taxes, changing your name, etc. To change one’s name you will need the following things; a new social security card, and a new driver’s license so they can change their name easily.

After that, the person can inform other associations about the name change, for example; their employer, banks, insurance company, credit card companies, voter registrations, and rental companies.

The Next Step:

The next step is rather unofficial; you just got married in Vegas. GO CELEBRATE! You, along with your partner and the guests that you invited everyone will have the time of their lives. The important and the most fun part of getting married in Vegas is that you get to pick the venue of your choice. And there are many amazing, delicate, beautiful, fun, and adventurous, wedding venues in Las Vegas. The key is to find the best wedding planner there who can guide you about the wedding venues according to your budget and style.

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